Abby Sunderland’s Solo Adventure Around the World

Was it foolish or wise for someone Abby’s age to attempt such a trip alone? Cite SPECIFIC evidence from any or all of the three news sources we explored (the online news article, the editorial, and the video news broadcast).


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  1. Katie Keeler · October 2, 2014

    I would not say it was wise for someone Abby’s age to attempt such a trip alone, but I would not say it was altogether foolish. I would label her choice as daring. In the online news article, her family indicated that, “Abby is a highly experienced and highly skilled sailor.” As experienced sailors themselves, the family was clearly comfortable with Abby’s sailing abilities and knew her better than anyone else. To them, this was simply a daring act that they had properly prepared her for and supported her through. Joanne Weiss, the author of the editorial “Ship of Fools,” offered a viewpoint of this issue that was far too extreme. She supported her position with too many opinions rooted in her own experience. For example, she remarked, “I can’t watch my 5-year-old daughter climb the monkey bars without feeling like I’m going to have a coronary,” and therefore she could not imagine watching her own daughter attempt what Abby attempted. It was hearing straight from the family in the CBS news broadcast that Abby’s family really put an end to the debate of this goal. Zack, her brother, when asked by the TV journalist how concerned he was for his sister, replied confidently that “she had all the correct safety gear on her boat…backups to everything…and she’s proven herself so far” to get to this point. In reality, Abby was more than prepared for this trip, and her family was justified in sending her out to attempt this phenomenal feat.


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